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The Backyard Professor: 001: Introduction

Kerry Shirts aka The Backyard Professor and host of this NEW podcast introduces himself and shares his excitement as we embark together on this new podcast.

Kerry Shirts was a former LDS apologist who defended the Church and its truth claims. He was one of the founders of FAIR (Formerly FairMormon, Formerly FAIR) an apologetic organization discussing Mormonism, answering critical claims, and helping Latter-day Saints find faithful answers to their questions. Kerry served as the director of research for FAIR.


1 thought on “The Backyard Professor: 001: Introduction”

  1. If there are three possible origins of revelation, that doesn’t make God originated insiration at 33.3% Just because there are three possible outcomes of my putting a coin in a slot machine…(I win, I lose, the coin jams) it doesn’t necessarily follow that I win 33.3% of the time.

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