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BackyardProfessor:030: Mormon Endowment a Placebo, Not the Real Thing

A look into the verity of the Endowment as a spiritual heritage and blessing. I have discovered that it is more of a placebo than an actual spiritual experience. Others may have experienced a spiritual boost, but many do not. I compare the Mormon endowment with other ancient mysteries, and find it does not appear to have the power to connect us to God as the ancient mysteries did.


3 thoughts on “BackyardProfessor:030: Mormon Endowment a Placebo, Not the Real Thing”

  1. Am loving your podcast, especially the ones on Method Infinite. Also. I just heard the discussion touching on Smith connection to Dartmouth College. I worked there not so long ago and heard there that Joseph’s leg infection was cured by doctors at Dartmouth’s Medical School. Btw you look far better with present hair cut and sans beard. Just thought you would want to know. 🙂

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