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Backyard Professor: 111: The New Atheism Defeats Itself: Science Vs. God

John Lennox Video sources of many hundreds available by title. Can be Googled easily: 1. “Is God Relevant?” 2. University of Chicago Open Forum With JL – Has Science Buried God?” 3. A Convergent Dichotomy;4. John Lennox Reflects on Stephen Hawking’s Life & Beliefs 5. Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox – The God Delusion Debate 6. John Lennox The Question of Science and God Parts 1 & 2 7. Christopher Hitchins vs John Lennox/ Is God Great? Debate 8. Evening Conversation with John Lennox (Sept 29, 2015) 9. John Lennox – Has Science Buried God? (Socrates in the City with Eric Metaxas) 10. John Lennox – Why Believe in God in a Scientific World? 11. Peter Singer vs. John Lennox – Is There a God? Debate 12. Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and God Mix? JL at Claremont.


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