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Backyard Professor Responds to Elder David Bednar: Church Not a Corporation?


2 thoughts on “Backyard Professor Responds to Elder David Bednar: Church Not a Corporation?”

  1. You are so off base and wrong. Your research is flawed and incorrect. You are blatantly biased toward the Church. Why should it surprise you so much that as we grow as a church we will continue to make changes as directed by the Lord – it is His Church after all. The apostles in the time of Jesus went through this exact thinking you spew. They too were under constant attacked by people like you for their teachings. I truly feel sorry for you … your disturbing thinking and thought process follows more under the influence and guidance of Satan instead of Christ. It’s funny though …. for all the damage you do and how much you try to influence others to follow you down the wrong path you are still loved by the Lord. I for one am grateful I can stand proud in my belief and strong support for the apostles and prophets called in this day and age by the Lord. I am grateful to have a strong testimony of this church so that the people such as yourself can’t cast doubt in my mind in the church established in this day and age. Shame on you for creating this type of contention against the Lords church. Try as you might it will not fall or fail.

    1. Yes, I can appreciate why you respond the way you do. The Satanic influence idea no longer works for me, as I find reasons to disagree with the incorrect views some leaders present and I respond to why I don’t see with them eye to eye. I wish all the best for you on your journey, I shall continue seeking greater light and knowledge that Father promised.

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