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3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.
Complete Episode Archive by Month

2023-05 (May)
    Backyard Professor LIVE! With Benny Hinrichs - There Were Hebrew Jaredites?!
    The Backyard Professor 151 The Propaganda of the LDS Gospel Topics Essays
    Backyard Professor: 150: The Egyptian Easter: The Meaning of the Hypocephalus
    Backyard Professor: 149: The BRAND NEW Church Essay on Church Financials!
    Backyard Professor: 148 Heartland Geography Vs Mesoamerican Geography of Book of Mormon
    Backyard Professor: 147: Charlie Harrell on Problems with Restoration of Gospel of Jesus
    Backyard Professor: 146: Olympic & World Champion Wrestler Mark Schultz
    Backyard Professor: 145: Hilarious Mormonism with Rebecca Biblioteca
    Backyard Professor: 144: Live on Thrive!, with Charlie Harrell!
    Backyard Professor: 143: Pre-Thrive Live! Significance of Lucy Mack Smith's History of Joseph Smith
    Backyard Professor: 142: With Dr. Charles Harrell on the Restoration - of What Though?!
    Backyard Professor: 141: BYU Scholar Dr. Trevan Hatch On Jesus the Jew - Jesus Jive!
    Backyard Professor: 140: Charlie Harrell Explains Why Scriptures Prophesy No Great Apostasy
    Backyard Professor: 139: The Erie Canal & Mysterious Missing Book of Enoch
    Backyard Professor: 138: RFM & BYP Look at Elder Bednar's skewed Views of Doctrine & History
    Backyard Professor: 137: Book of Mormon as Anti-Masonic Text with Dan Vogel
    Backyard Professor: 136: Dr. Dennis MacDonald Discusses His New Book on Greek Epics & the Gospels
    Backyard Professor 135 Hermetic Temple Endowment and the Cosmic Covenant - With T. M. Overley
    Backyard Professor 134 Bible With & Without Jesus Book Review
    Backyard Professor 133 Mormon Scholar Hugh Nibley s Book of Enoch Apologetic was Faulty
    Backyard Professor 132 GAME CHANGER BOOK for This Year s Curriculum of Study
    Backyard Professor: 131: Colby Townsend on Joseph Smith's Occult Book of Enoch
    Backyard Professor: 130: What Was Joseph Smith Up To? The Hermetic Endowment
    Backyard Professor 129 Backyard Professor Responds to Book of Mormon Central on Bk of Abraham 2
    Backyard Professor 128 Backyard Professor Responds to Book of Mormon Central -The Book of Abraham.

2023-03 (March)
    The Backyard Professor Responds to Elder David Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
    Backyard Professor Responds to Russell M Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Backyard Professor Responds to Sandra Tanner on 1831 Polygamy Revelation
    Backyard Professor Responds to Elder Jeffrey Holland, Quorum of Twelve Apostles, 2023 Devotional
    Backyard Professor Responds to President Russell M Nelson Conference, Overcome the World Oct 2022
    Backyard Professor Responds to Mormonism Taking Jesus's name in vain
    Backyard Professor Responds to Kevin S Hamilton The Quorum of the 70 Why a Church BYU, 2023 Part 1
    Backyard Professor Responds to the BYU Speech Why a Church? Part 2
    Backyard Professor Responds to David Bednar Knock it off already dude!
    Backyard Professor Responds to Mormon General Authority Brad Wilcox on Being Born Again in the Bible
    Backyard Professor Responds to John Gee Book of Abraham Defense on 1 29 2023: Spectacular Bellyflop!
    Backyard Professor Responds to Abject Hypocrisy of Elder Dallin Oaks the Quorum of the 12 Apostles
    Backyard Professor Responds to Elder Dallin Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
    Backyard Professor Responds to Jeremy Runnells CES Letter
    Backyard Professor Responds to a True Believing Mormon on SEC FINE Against Mormon Church
    Backyard Professor Responds to the Deep Rabbit Hole of Mormon Leadership worthiness & priesthood
    Backyard Professor Responds to LDS Church fine - The leadership is on trial, the membership is not
    Backyard Professor Responds to Russell M. Nelson Treating the Church Like Cattle, to Be Slaughtered
    Backyard Professor Responds to the LDS Church for Willful Deception and Lying - Facepalm from Jesus
    Backyard Professor Responds to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints FINED $5 M SEC Violation
    Backyard Professor Responds to LDS Church's SEC Fiasco & Deception
    Backyard Professor Responds to Elder David Bednar Does Mormonism Have The Spiritual Gifts?
    Backyard Professor Responds to President Russell M Nelson
    Backyard Professor Responds to Propaganda Video of Elder David A Bednar on Priesthood Restored
    Backyard Professor Responds to Dallin H Oaks Our Strengths Can Be Our Weakness

2023-02 (February)
    Backyard Professor: 127: Former BYU Scholar Shares his Book "This is My Doctrine"
    Backyard Professor: 126: Getting Clear on Joseph Smith's First Vision

2023-01 (January)
    Backyard Professor Responds to Hugh Nibley on Mahujah Book of Enoch
    Backyard Professor Responds to Elder David Bednar: Church Not a Corporation?
    Backyard Professor Responds to FAIR on Dead Sea Scrolls & Book of Enoch Proofs
    Backyard Professor Responds to Utah Area President Missionaries Don't Pray, OBEY!
    Backyard Professor Responds to Zeitgeist the Movie
    Backyard Professor Responds to Russell M. Nelson President the Mormon Church
    Backyard Professor Responds to His Former Apologetic Self BofM Bullseye
    Backyard Professor Responds to Elder Oaks & Ballard on Hiding Church History
    Backyard Professor Responds: The Church is the Dragon: How Myth Presents Reality
    Backyard Professor Responds to Church Video on the Book of Abraham
    Backyard Professor Responds: Does Apostle David Bednar Have a Clue?
    Backyard Professor Responds to Jeff Roundy More on the Book of Abraham
    Backyard Professor Responds to Jeff Roundy on the Book of Abraham
    Backyard Professor Responds to Latter Day Saints Q & A Book of Abraham
    Backyard Professor Responds to Book of Mormon Central - The Book of Abraham

2022-12 (December)
    Backyard Professor: 125: Prof Richins on Book of Mormon & Archaeology - Are Any Models Valid Yet?!
    Backyard Professor:124: The Gospels Are Not What You Think: Jesus & The Greek Epics
    Backyard Professor: 123: Cheryl Bruno & Dr. Nick Literski, Authors of Book "Method Infinite"
    Backyard Professor: 122: Radio Free Mormon & BYP Discuss Elder David Bednar on Unreasonable Critics

2022-11 (November)
    Backyard Professor: 08 New Podcast Series - Joseph Smith's Flawed Description of God
    Backyard Professor: 07: New Series Podcasts: Elohim & Jehovah in Mormonism
    Backyard Professor: 06: New Podcast Series - Jehovah as the Father
    Backyard Professor: 05: New Podcast Series: Today's Mormon God is Not Joseph Smith's
    Backyard Professor: 121: Renowned Atheist Richard Carrier, and Mythvision Podcaster Derek Lambert
    Backyard Professor: 120: Joseph Smith's First Vision with Dan Vogel Live
    Backyard Professor: 119: Mormon Insider of Historical Archives
    Backyard Professor: 04: New Podcast Series - God & Infinity
    Backyard Professor: 03 New BYP Podcasts - God & Infinity
    Backyard Professor: 02: New BYP Podcast: The Weird Mormon God
    Backyard Professor: 01: The New BYP Podcasts - The Enigmatic Mormon God
    Backyard Professor: 118: Live Atheist Discussion with Patrick Anderson
    Backyard Professor: 117: Mormon Leaders Are Afraid of the Truth - They Don't Want Us To Have It
    Backyard Professor: 115: Dan Vogel Live: The Faculty of Abrac - Smith Family Magic
    Backyard Professor: 114: Simon Southerton Live Interview - Book of Mormon Horses Found!

2022-10 (October)
    Backyard Professor: 113: Dan Vogel Live Interview Part 2
    Backyard Professor: 112: The Multiverse and Complications
    Backyard Professor: 111: The New Atheism Defeats Itself: Science Vs. God
    Backyard Professor:110: The Problem(s) With Mormon "Faithful" History
    Backyard Professor:109: Dan Vogel LIVE Discussion in Studio!
    Backyard Professor: 108: Dan Vogel's Thesis - Joseph Smith Pious Fraud
    Backyard Professor: 107: Book of Abraham & Freemasonry: Was Joseph Smith a Thief? Part 2
    Backyard Professor: 106: Book of Abraham & Freemasonry - Wildly Fascinating Connections!
    Backyard Professor: 105: Mr. "I Am Scripture" David Bednar Plagiarizes Sermon at General Conference
    Backyard Professor: 104: Misuse Science to Abuse Religion? Not on My Watch
    Backyard Professor: 103: Scientist/New Atheism: They Need to Learn Philosophy - Theirs is Woeful

2022-09 (September)
    Backyard Professor: 102: Science Vs. Mormonism; Religion in General as Well, Part 7
    Backyard Professor: 101: The NEW Genesis Interpretation Amended to Correct Mormon Theology Part 6
    Backyard Professor: 099: Science Vs. Mormonism, Part 5
    Backyard Professor: 097: Mormonism's Problems with DNA & Evolution, Part 4
    Backyard Professor: 100: The Platonic & Neoplatonic View of Reality and the World Soul
    Backyard Professor: 098: Why I am Not an Atheist
    Backyard Professor:096: Mormonism's Problems with DNA & Evolution & Science: Part 2
    Backyard Professor: 095: Mormonism's Problem with DNA & Evolution Part 3
    Backyard Professor: 094: Connecting with Infinity
    Backyard Professor: 093: Mormonism's Problems with DNA and Evolution and Adam and Eve Part 1
    Backyard Professor: 092: Audience Appreciation Night! Catering to What YOU Want Me To Talk About!
    Backyard Professor: 091: The Cosmos Connecting to Ourselves on Earth Through Astronomic symbolism
    Backyard Professor: 090: Restoring the Soul of the World
    Backyard Professor: 089: Joseph Smith & Entheogens Final Part
    Backyard Professor: 088: Joseph Smith & Entheogens, Part 4
    Backyard Professor: 087: Joseph Smith & Entheogens: New Light on Mormon History, Part 3
    Backyard Professor: 086: New Light on Entheogens & Joseph Smith Part 2
    Backyard Professor: 085: My Apology to BYU & Mormonism & New Light on Joseph Smith's Visions Part 1
    Backyard Professor: 084: The Problem of Hugh Nibley - Refuting My Former Favorite Apologist
    Backyard Professor: 083: What the Hell is Happening to BYU?! And Mormonism Too!?!
    Backyard Professor: 082: Sunday Morning Sunday School Lesson 1: Our Earth & Cosmos
    Backyard Professor: 081: Spirituality From Simple Daily Experiences - Amazing To Think on It!
    Backyard Professor: 080: I Quit. No, It's Come to This, I'm Done
    Backyard Professor: 079: New Light On The Quantum Physics Philosophy: Introducing Wolfgang Smith
    Backyard Professor: 078: Mormonism is Deceiving Us: Philosophy of Men Mingled with Scripture Wrong?
    Backyard Professor: 077: Author Cheryl Bruno Discusses her book "Method Infinite" Part 2
    Backyard Professor: 076: Master Mason George Miller Interview of "Method Infinite"
    Backyard Professor: 075: The Mysteries - Free Association Method of Expanding Our Insights
    Backyard Professor: 074: Discussion with Cheryl Bruno Author of "Method Infinite" Part 1
    Backyard Professor: 073: Discussing "Method Infinite with Doug Vincent
    Backyard Professor: 072: Dr. Nick Literski Discusses His Book "Method Infinite" on Masonry/Mormonism
    Backyard Professor: 071: Discussing the book "Method Infinite" and its contributions to Mormonism
    Backyard Professor: 070: Hiram Abiff Legend & Allegory Which Had to Have Enthralled Joseph Smith
    Backyard Professor: 069: Correcting Occult Mormon History
    Backyard Professor: 068: Mormonism's Use and Need of Freemasonry for its Restoration - it's Positive
    Backyard Professor: 067: Mormonism & Freemasonry - Method Infinite Book Review - IT'S HERE!!!
    Backyard Professor: 066: The Jaredite Barges are FOUND!!! To Be Entirely Phony that is...
    Backyard Professor: 065: North America Vs Mesoamerica: Book of Mormon Archaeology. Chaos & Mayhem
    Backyard Professor: 064: Archaeological Claim for Book of Mormon Refuted. There is LITERALLY Nothing
    Backyard Professor: 063: Refuting Daniel Peterson Mormon Apologetics - He won't update, So I WILL!
    Backyard Professor:062: Trash Talkin Somethin or Other - Just Getting Over Covid!!! I Survived!!!
    Backyard Professor: 061: Book of Mormon Proven True By Archaeology!!! Really? Uh No, Not Even Maybe
    Backyard Professor: 060: Mormon Temple Garment Compass & Square - Freemasonic Origin Mysteries
    Backyard Professor: 059: Joseph Smith Magic, Myth, & Freemasonry
    Backyard Professor: 058: Special Live Session - The Shirtail Review: New Book : Is Atheism Dead?
    Backyard Professor: 057: Mormonism, Masonry & Magic: Occult Connections Everywhere!
    Backyard Professor: 056: Joseph Smith, Criminal/Lawbreaker, or Just Victim of Anti-Mormon Prejudice?
    Backyard Professor: 055: Joseph Smith's Council of 50. What Do We Understand Of His Motives?
    Backyard Professor: 054: Special Live Apologists Leaders Silly Reactions to Real Evidence

2022-08 (August)
    Backyard Professor: 053: Mark Twain and Brigham the King: Roughing It Twain Style!
    Backyard Professor:052:The Papyri & Plates
    Backyard Professor: 051: BofAbr Facsimiles Explained by Paul Osborne: Refuting LDS Apologists
    Backyard Professor: 050: Another Surprise Live! A New Voice in Book of Abraham Evidences!
    Backyard Professor: 049: SPECIAL LIVE!: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri: Kerry Muhlestein
    Backyard Professor: 048: The Incredible Book of Abraham Scholarship of Paul Osborne
    Backyard Professor: 047: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri, Astronomy in the Facsimile # 2
    Backyard Professor:046: Getting Clear on the J.S. Papyri: Astronomy & Facsimile 2 in Book of Abraham
    Backyard Professor: 045: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri, Steve Smoot Review of Dan Vogel
    Backyard Professor: 044: Getting Clear on Book of Abraham Facsimiles: Michael D. Rhodes Scholarship
    Backyard Professor: 043: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri:
    Backyard Professor: 042: Getting Clear on the Book of Abraham: John Gee and His Weak Apologetics
    Backyard Professor: 041: Getting Clear on J.S. Papyri & Book of Abraham: On John Gee & Other Folks
    Backyard Professor: 040: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri: Kevin Barney's Semitic Argument
    Backyard Professor: 039: Sorry about tonight
    Backyard Professor: 038: Getting Clear on the Joseph Smith Papyri
    Backyard Professor: 037: On Facsimile #3 in Book of Abraham and J.S. Papyri
    Backyard Professor: 036: Live! Q&A Session
    Backyard Professor: 035: Sunday Library Hour LIVE!
    Backyard Professor: 034: My First Live Stream!
    Backyard Professor: 033: Lecture on the Mithras Liturgy Mormonism & Western Esoteric Association
    Backyard Professor: 032: Honest Historian Vs. Dishonest Mormon Hierarchy - Mormonism is Not Truth
    Backyard Professor: 031: Are We Worthy of the Mysteries? We Are. Religion Does Not Make Us Worthy
    BackyardProfessor:030: Mormon Endowment a Placebo, Not the Real Thing

2021-12 (December)
    The Backyard Professor: 029: Jesus Vs. Dionysus: How the Gospel of John Made Jesus a Greater God
    The Backyard Professor: 028: Elohim Forgot His own Wife in Joseph Smith's True Restoration?! Absurd!
    The Backyard Professor: 027: Why Biblical Archaeology Refutes Joseph Smith's Literal Bible Theology
    The Backyard Professor: 026: How Archaeology Failed in Maintaining My Faith in Mormonism's Scripture
    The Backyard Professor: 025: The Gospel of Mark's Jesus as Tekton: Carpenter
    The Backyard Professor: 024: The Historical Jesus: New Testament Issues
    The Backyard Professor: 023: Radio Free Mormon Vs. Midnight Mormons Debate on Mormonism: Commentary
    The Backyard Professor: 022: Observations on October 2021 General Conference & Why We Quit Watching
    The Backyard Professor: 021: The Kingdom of God: What Sunday School Didn't Teach Us
    The Backyard Professor: 020: Today's Mormon Prophets & Mormon Psychological Manipulation Run Amok

2021-11 (November)
    The Backyard Professor: 019: Don't Just Read, Listen, and Believe... Think! On the CES Letter
    The Backyard Professor: 018: Medicine for the Soul: Moving Beyond Mormonism
    The Backyard Professor: 017: JS Papyri - Mormon Egyptologist Kerry Muhlestein's Defense Fails Again
    The Backyard Professor: 016: Mormon Revelation What Mormonism does not want you to even think about
    The Backyard Professor: 015: BOA Facsimile #3 Joseph Smith Papyri - What Mormonism is STILL not Saying
    The Backyard Professor: 014: Gift of Prophecy What Mormonism does not want us to know
    The Backyard Professor: 013: What Mormonism Hides
    The Backyard Professor: 012: Joseph Smith's First Vision - What Mormonism Doesn't Want You To Know
    The Backyard Professor: 011: The True Temple of God
    The Backyard Professor: 010: The Conspiracy of Mormon History 2nd Video to Joseph Smith Foundation
    The Backyard Professor: 009: Mormonism's Narrative of Joseph Smith's Treasure Seeking
    The Backyard Professor: 008: Understanding Our Heavenly Mother Goddess

2021-10 (October)
    Facsimile #3 in the Book of Abraham Terryl Givens Defense Answered
    Is Mormon Revelation Real?
    New Video on Joseph Smith Papyri
    New You Tube Videos Available!

2021-08 (August)
    The Backyard Professor: 007: Homosexuality and Scripture Challenging Mormon DoDo-ism
    The Backyard Professor: 006: Why Mormonism Fails
    The Backyard Professor: 005: Heavenly Mother Prayed To
    The Backyard Professor: 004: Lehi's DNA, Mormon Prophets, And The Science Challenging The Paradigm

2021-07 (July)
    The Backyard Professor: 003: Bayes' Theorem, Alma and I
    The Backyard Professor: 002: Bopping Mormonism on the Nose with Thomas Riskas
    Brethren and Their Hankies
    The Backyard Professor: 001: Introduction
    The Backyard Professor on Mormonism

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